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(BLUE) Refill Ink
For EK-527 / EK-529

SKU: 47510
Your Price $2.99
Refill Ink - ECO-GREEN Whiteboard Markers - EK-527 / EK-529

Artline Refill Ink is a 3ml bottle. Sold by the Pack of 3. RoHS Compliant.

Re-Inking Instructions:
1) Hold marker barrel in an upright postion.
2) Remove the nib from the marker body by locking the used nib into the notch of the cap and pull the used nib away from the marker body.
3) Snip off the tip of the refill ink bottle carefully.
4) Insert the refill ink bottle into the marker body deeply.
5) Gently squeeze the refill ink into the marker until empty.
6) Click a new nib into the notch of the cap and push the nib back into the marker body.

  • Pigment 
  • Xylene Free
  • Dry Safe Ink
  • Recommended Use:

  • EK-527 Eco Markers
  • EK-529 Eco Markers