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Replacement Nibs 2PK

SKU: 47515
Your Price $1.95
Replacement Nib Tips - Size: 2.0-5.0mm Chisel Tip

Artline Replacement Nib Tips for your EK-529 permanent markers. Packaged by (2) nibs. Used to replace existing or worn out marker nibs. 

Nib Replacement Instructions: Hold marker firmly. Lock used nib in the notch of the marker cap and pull the used nib out of the marker. Discard worn nib, then Click in the new replacement nib into the notch of the marker cap and put the new nib back into the marker body.  
  • 2 Replacable Nibs
  • Chisel Style Tips
  • Recommended Use:
  • EK-529P Permanent Markers